The Ultimate 3-in-1 Hub for iPhone and AirPods

Revolutionize your nightly routine with this all-in-one bedside companion

Experience the convenience and entertainment

Top Features

Touch Control Lamp

Effortlessly illuminate your space and set the ambience with a simple touch.

Wireless Charging

Charge your iPhone and AirPods without the hassle of tangled cables.

Portable Beats

Feel the music with the immersive and high-quality sound from the portable Bluetooth speaker.

Adjustable Phone Holder

Take your hub anywhere with its sleek and compact design.


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Airpods on Wooden Table

Hands-Free Device

Convenient Phone Holder: The Ultimate 3-in-1 Hub features an adjustable phone holder, keeping your device accessible and within reach. Whether you want to watch movies or scroll through social media, the phone holder provides a hands-free solution. You can easily multitask or relax while keeping your device securely in place.

Transform Your Space

Elevate your Nightly Experience: Create the perfect ambiance with touch control, music, and charging capabilities all in one hub.

Person Holding Silver Iphone 6

Immersive Music Experience

Enhanced Sound Quality: Enjoy a high-quality sound experience with the portable Bluetooth speaker. The 3-in-1 hub delivers immersive sound that fills your room, allowing you to create a personal concert experience from the comfort of your own bed. Now, you can enjoy your favorite tunes with enhanced sound quality anytime you want.

Techstifyit All-in-One Solution

Our 3-in-1 hub combines a touch control lamp, wireless charger, and portable Bluetooth speaker, revolutionizing your nightly routine. Enjoy seamless illumination, hassle-free wireless charging, and an immersive music experience in one sleek device.

Our 3-in-1 Hub for iPhones & AirPods


The Ultimate 3-in-1 Hub is a game-changer! It’s convenient, stylish, and delivers amazing sound quality. Highly recommend!

Emily Lee



It’s a fantastic all-in-one solution. The adjustable phone holder is a neat feature, and the lamp adds a cozy ambiance to my room. A space-saving solution

Sophia Turner


I love how versatile this hub is. It’s perfect for my bedside table, and the touch lamp is a great addition. No more messy cables!  A must-have for iPhone and AirPods users.

Adam Smith


This hub exceeded my expectations. The wireless charging is fast, and the Bluetooth speaker fills the room with crisp and clear sound.

John Patel

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Ultimate 3-in-1 Hub is compatible with all iPhone models that support wireless charging. From iPhone 8 and above  SERIES.

It would also work for all Samsung Galaxy Series .

And with any other phones with Magnetic Case.

Wireless charger as well for AirPods Pro and Airpods 3. For AirPods 2, it would work with wireless charging case.

Absolutely! The touch lamp and wireless charging function can be used simultaneously without any interference.

The charging time varies depending on the iPhone model, but it generally takes around 2-3 hours for a full charge.

Yes, you can connect the hub to any Bluetooth-enabled device to enjoy wireless music playback. Can also be connected to Android, laptops and other devices.

Yes, the touch control lamp offers multiple brightness levels to suit your needs.

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